Revision Refund Policies

Essay Prime is a professional online academic writing help and guidance company based in the UK. The company has been working for many years with highly qualified academic writers and researchers with the sole purpose of satisfying the dearest customers by providing them with absolutely unique, bespoke and plagiarism-free academic essays and other writing projects. The company’s highly skilled and competent researchers and writers are always ready to accept and work on your typical orders to enable you to submit a high quality work. For this very reason Essay Prime has been satisfying the respected clients. Unlike others, we believe in client’s satisfaction and that’s why we give clients rock-solid work satisfaction guarantee.

Although we always produce quality work, it is also possible that the client comes across with some mistakes in the essay task crafted and delivered by us. In this situation, the client has the right to either get the revision facility or claim a refund. Both demands will be considered according to the below stated policies.

It is the recommendation of Essay Prime that the clients must carefully review and abide by following Refund and Revision Policies:

Essay Prime will take the responsibility for offering the revision facility to the client or returning the entire paid amount to the client if the following situations occur:


If Essay Prime accepts an essay order (s), the company will take the full responsibility for working on the order for the client professionally and perfectly. However, it is possible that any surprising or unforeseen event can restrict us to complete and dispatch the order.

It is possible that the credit card of the client is charged twice. To handle this situation, Essay Prime will immediately return the entire additional charged amount to the client. However, the client will be responsible for coming here with the solid evidence.


  • In case of incompletion of an essay order because of any reason, Essay Prime will try to develop a mutual understanding between the client and the company. This matter will be mutually resolved by either offering excellent discount offer to the client, by revising the assignment or by compensating in the next orders.
  • In case of mistakes or inconsistencies found by the client in the delivered order, or if the client is dissatisfied with the work, we will assign the order to an expert and competent writer to perfectly revise it.
  • In case of mistakes or inconsistencies found by the client in the delivered order, such as referencing/bibliography format mistakes, page number, content and title pages, spelling mistakes, and others, these issues will be handled by our revision policy.

Dispute Settlement Method

  • In case of some minor mistakes in the delivered work, the client is responsible for first informing Essay Prime.
  • If the client fails in inform the company about the mistakes, and direct goes to the third party for refund, Essay Prime will take this approach as a clear violation of the agreement constituted between the company and the client. The company has the right to take strong actions against this violation and in this regard the order can even be terminated by the company immediately without refund.
  • If Essay Prime and the client do not settle the dispute with mutual understanding even within 2 business weeks (excluding Sunday), the client can approach the third party.


  • Even after getting 3 consecutive revised essay orders the client is still not pleased, he or she will have to first update Essay Prime instead of any other. Bear in mind, any complaint of mistakes in the work will be launched in written format.
  • If Essay Prime fails to precisely follow the order description or fails to dispatch the order on-time, revision facility will be offered to the client at first and at free of cost.
  • Remember, the orders will be revised first instead of refund.